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Under 11
Under 10
Under 13
Under 14
Under 15/16 Division 2
Under 15/16 Division 1
Thunder Girls Cricket League - Under 13 - Spring
Under 12
Spring 2020 - Master Blaster - U9 and Below
Summer 2021 - Master Blaster - U9 and Below
1 Dunn, Hayden BColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club00000140000
2 Pelle, LoganGlenmore Park Cricket Club00001600000
3 Ezad, MahadGlenmore Park Cricket Club00000150000
4 Rowan, James APenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club00001450000
5 Shanahan, MitchellGlenmore Park Cricket Club00001600000
6 Catt, JoshuaGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000060000
7 Nicholls, Isaac NGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000070000
8 Jackson, MaxSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
9 Brandl, RileyGlenmore Park Cricket Club00000160000
10 Gomesz, CameronGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000050000
11 Fenn, BryceColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club00000150000
12 Astill, Leo BGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000090000
13 Brunsden, RileyPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club00001450000
14 Carstens, FynnGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00001100000
15 Micsko, DaneEmu Plains Cricket Club00160000000
16 Slark, CameronEmu Plains Cricket Club00140000000
17 Aldous, Zephaniah OGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000800000
18 Mitchell, HamishGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00000140000
19 Gale, JackGlenmore Park Cricket Club00000150000
20 Barlow, AaronGlenmore Park Cricket Club00000100000
21 Kelleher, CooperGlenmore Park Cricket Club00000160000
22 Wilson, ReeganColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000010000
23 Robinson, JoshuaEmu Plains Cricket Club00001700000
24 Williams, ZachEmu Plains Cricket Club00016000000
25 Jobling, ScottCranebrook Cricket Club00013000000
26 Drake, JarredGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00011000000
27 Savage, TajEmu Plains Cricket Club00150000000
28 Kells, ChloeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00001200000
29 Howard, HarrisonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00001300000
30 Bull, TravisSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00001300000
31 Robertson, JackSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00001300000
32 Perry, MitchellEmu Plains Cricket Club00016000000
33 Rajpal, ArjunGlenmore Park Cricket Club00001510000
34 Myburgh-Sisam, KaydenEmu Plains Cricket Club00001600000
35 Khan, AhmadGlenmore Park Cricket Club00140000000
36 Muir, AlexSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00015000000
37 Muir, ThomasGlenmore Park Cricket Club00001510000
38 Hodges, BlakeColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club00000130000
39 Griffith, ArchieHazelbrook Cricket Club0010000000
40 Griffith, ArchieBlue Mountains Cricket Association - Representative Teams00001400000
41 Hill, LeonGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000600000
42 Gardiner, ConnorGlenmore Park Cricket Club00001600000
43 Knight, LiamGlenmore Park Cricket Club00000150000
44 Murphy, XanderEmu Plains Cricket Club00160000000
45 Russell, AshtonEmu Plains Cricket Club00160000000
46 Koutzas, JoshuaEmu Plains Cricket Club00130000000
47 Rose, HamishEmu Plains Cricket Club00140000000
48 Gardner, MarkEmu Plains Cricket Club00001600000
49 Bahlmann, RileyEmu Plains Cricket Club00001600100
50 Carstens, XanderEmu Plains Cricket Club00116000000
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Total Records: 632   Page: 1 of 13   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.