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Matches Played

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Total Records: 38
NSWDCA:Under 11 JH Creak Shield
NSWDCA:Under 12 Arch Cawsey Shield
NSWDCA:Under 13 WS Gee Shield
NSWDCA:Under 14 Harold Moore Shield
NSWDCA:Under 15 EG Weblin Shield
NSWDCA:Margaret Peden Shield (Under 15)
NSWDCA:Mollie Dive Shield (Under 13)
NSWDCA:Under 16 CS Watson Shield
IDCA/Pres:Under 11 Colin Cooper Cup
IDCA/Pres:Under 13 IDCA
IDCA/Pres:Under 15 IDCA
IDCA/Pres:Under 12 Alfred James Cup
IDCA/Pres:Under 14 Anthony Neale Cup
IDCA/Pres:Under 16 Andrew Blamey Cup
NJCA - Jan:Graeme Malcolm Shield
NJCA - Jan:Ron Arendts Memorial Shield
WNSWJCC:Under 13 Western NSW Carnival
WNSWJCC:Under 15 Western NSW Carnival
IDCA/Pres:Under 10 IDCA Cup
LDJCA:2019 Lismore Under 12 Carnival
WNSWJCC:Under 15 Western NSW Girls Carnival
1 Tebbutt, Bailey000000000000000002000
2 Kells, Aiden000000000000000002000
3 Sultana, Oscar000000000000000002000
4 Capararo, Samuel l000000000000000002000
5 Nicholls, Isaac N000000000000004000000
6 Williams, Eloise000000000000000000002
7 Subramanian, Shanmugan000000000000004000000
8 Sherwood, William000000000000000002000
9 Gomesz, Cameron000000000000004000000
10 Bedford, Bailey000000000000004000000
11 Camwell, Kade000000000000000002000
12 Morris, Lachlan S000000000000000002000
13 Byrnes, Jamie000000000000000002000
14 Gale, Jack000000000000004000000
15 Kells, Chloe000000000000000000002
16 Boyes, Luke000000000000000002000
17 Murdoch, Zoe000000000000000000002
18 Dent, Raymond000000000000004000000
19 Potter-Jugovac, Connor000000000000000002000
20 Boyd, James E000000000000004000000
21 Lane, Bethany000000000000000000002
22 Watson, Josh M000000000000004000000
23 Waters, Summer000000000000000000002
24 Robertson, Elise000000000000000000002
25 Coleman, Clayton000000000000004000000
26 NICHOLLS, Flynn C000000000000001000000
27 Jones, Blake000000000000000002000
28 Simmons, Samual000000000000004000000
29 Batty, Annabel000000000000000000002
30 O'Brien, Josiah000000000000000002000
31 Watson, Harry000000000000004000000
32 Martin, Natasha R000000000000000000002
33 swarup, shree000000000000000000002
34 Mirfin, Isla000000000000000000002
35 Grosse, Kyla000000000000000000002
36 Mirfin, Freya000000000000000000002
37 Parkinson, Luke000000000000004000000
38 Jones, Molly000000000000000000002
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Total Records: 38
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