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Under 9
Under 11
Under 12 Division 1
Under 10
Under 13
Under 14
Under 15
Under 16
Thunder Girls Cricket League - Under 13 - Spring
Under 12 Division 2
1 Rogers, CampbellSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
2 Caston, FlynnColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
3 Tebbutt, BaileyPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
4 Griffith, CharlieSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
5 Bulluss, JacobColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
6 Sunderland, JacobGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
7 Dunn, Hayden BSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
8 Hartley, LincolnSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
9 Myburgh-Sisam, TyroneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
10 Pelle, LoganGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
11 Ezad, MahadGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
12 Lees, Nathan JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000100
13 Wakankar, RahulGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000100
14 Rowan, James APenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
15 Riik, WilliamSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
16 Kells, AidenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
17 Nowland, AidenColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
18 Sultana, OscarColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
19 Prior, JedPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
20 Mee, BrentonColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
21 Williams, Ryan MColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
22 Egan, Jackson PatrickGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
23 Dillen, Michael JSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
24 Shanahan, MitchellGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
25 Stafford, Cooper JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
26 Catt, JoshuaGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
27 Harriott, JackGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
28 Coleman, Bailey DColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
29 Ball, RaymondPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
30 Le Breton, ConnorSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
31 Jackson, MaxSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
32 Powell, EthanSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
33 Powell, OwenSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
34 Williamson, BenjaminSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
35 Williams, EloiseSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
36 Subramanian, ShanmuganSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
37 Campbell-Jubb, LiamSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
38 Sherwood, WilliamSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
39 Brandl, RileyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
40 Gomesz, CameronGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
41 Lord, DylanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000100
42 Fenn, BryceColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
43 Bedford, BaileyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
44 Ryan, CodyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
45 Wakeling, JamesPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
46 Astill, LeoGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
47 Zammit, Stephen JSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
48 McFadgean, KobeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000100
49 Brunsden, RileyPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
50 Wraight, JarvisSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
51 Carstens, FynnGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
52 Micsko, DaneEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
53 Camwell, KadeSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
54 Lester, TristanEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
55 Byrnes, JamieColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
56 Atherton, GrantSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
57 McIlwain, JacobColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
58 Robinson, CodyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
59 Gale, JackPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
60 Barlow, AaronGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
61 Kelleher, CooperGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
62 Micallef, BaileyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
63 Black, StephenGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000100
64 McDonough, KyleGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000100
65 Herrenberg, LachlanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
66 Brown-Mead, SamuelColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
67 Bellman, CooperGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
68 Barbaschow, KieranSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
69 Wilson, ReeganColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
70 Robinson, JoshuaEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
71 Jobling, ScottCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
72 Savage, TajEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
73 Kells, ChloeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
74 Ross, LiamSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000000
75 Perry, MitchellSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
76 Rajpal, ArjunGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
77 Myburgh-Sisam, KaydenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
78 Muir, AlexSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
79 Hodges, BlakeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
80 Boyes, LukeSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
81 Stewart, KyussSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
82 Hale, FionnPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
83 Gardiner, ConnorGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
84 Knight, LiamGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
85 Murphy, XanderEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
86 Russell, AshtonEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
87 Koutzas, JoshuaEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
88 Clifford, TylerEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
89 Raven, KyeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
90 Raven, CobyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
91 Gardner, MarkEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
92 Pohlmann, JackSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
93 Hughes, BradySpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
94 Selwood, IsaacSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
95 Phillips, ZacharyEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
96 Dimitrievski, ZacharyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
97 Sandhu, TeghvirGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
98 Pelle, KateSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
99 Junge, EthanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
100 Watson, NicholasGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000100
101 Culbert, Zac AGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
102 Dent, RaymondGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
103 Lowe, WilliamGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
104 Mavin, LucasGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
105 Foote, JackSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
106 Lennox, JamesGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
107 Hare, JeremyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010000000
108 Minney, BenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
109 Balgowan, JackSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
110 Manek, AadityaPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
111 Raymond, HaydenPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
112 Cook, MitchellPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
113 Sampson, ZacharySpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
114 Andrews, JacksonPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
115 Potter-Jugovac, ConnorPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
116 Sethi, RitishGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
117 Boyd, James EPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
118 Aldous, Sebastion PGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
119 Barnes, JonathanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
120 Monk, Xavier AGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
121 Lane, BethanySpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
122 Jeffery, Luke WGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
123 Edwards, KingstonGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010000000
124 Toulmin, OscarGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
125 Zakostelsky, WilliamGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
126 McCully, HarryGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
127 Alexander, ZachGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010000000
128 Pittman, WilliamGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
129 Waters, SummerSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
130 Brown, StuartCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
131 Foote, JoshuaSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
132 Foote, LiamSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
133 Mouwen, KahlanEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
134 Anderson, BaileySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
135 Vella, ThomasPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
136 Dunn, CoreyPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
137 Sebastian, PaulGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
138 Hood, Lachlan JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
139 Miller, IsaacGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
140 Hill, MatthewSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
141 Darlington, LiamSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
142 Campbell, BrockSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
143 Coleman, ClaytonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
144 Shankaran, MarcusSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
145 TUPPER, William GGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
146 BAYLEY, Mathew DGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
147 HALDANE, Ethan WGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
148 McCULLOCH, Flynn SGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
149 ROBERTSON, Wil LGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
150 WILLIAMS, Alexander RGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
151 HOWELL, Oscar JGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010000000
152 Masters, Ben RGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
153 Newton, HarrisonEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
154 Pattison, LukeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
155 Travis, CameronGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
156 Voutt, JacobGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
157 Townsend, JaxonGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
158 McLean, Cooper JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
159 Singh, ShivdevGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
160 Brandl, AustinGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
161 Culbert, RyanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
162 McFadgean, AlexanderGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
163 Smith, BillyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
164 Clark, David AGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
165 Moreau, ConnorSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
166 Symon, Ewan JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
167 Connelly, CooperEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
168 Hand, JacobEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
169 Neal, ThomasSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000000
170 Ingram, Luke CGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
171 Brown, RobertColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
172 Reid, JakeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
173 Wraight, NoahSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
174 Irvine, AshleySpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
175 Jones, BlakeSpringwood Cricket Club0000000100
176 Reid, AlexanderGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
177 Aziz, RafidPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
178 Valerio, MichaelGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
179 Simmons, SamualPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
180 Hegarty, CooperEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
181 Randall, BriannaGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
182 Thomas, Baylee JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
183 McElroy, HaydenEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
184 Coleman, JamesColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
185 Martin, MitchellGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
186 Prasad, AryanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
187 Singh, EthanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0100000000
188 Singh, JaidenPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0100000000
189 Presty, JohannGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
190 White, WilSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
191 Batty, AnnabelGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
192 Wiezel, ScottGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
193 Taylor, MartynSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000000
194 Firth, TateSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
195 Corbin, OscarPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0100000000
196 Kay, RyanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
197 Balson, AydenSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
198 Jenkins, NathanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
199 O'Brien, JosiahGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
200 McGuire, ReecePenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
201 Stubbs, RyderSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
202 Hanrahan, SamuelGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
203 Wright, SamuelEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
204 Craig, ElijahSpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
205 Hovelmann, AlexanderSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
206 Loomes, RemySpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
207 Loomes, SaxonSpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
208 Schwartzkoff, LachlanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
209 Singh, RanbirGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
210 Woods, Zach JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
211 Barr, NoahSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
212 Randall, HaydenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
213 Gibbons, Ryan BGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
214 Beard, Zane DGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
215 Sharma, RaghavGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
216 Hamilton, Matthew RGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
217 McCrory, JakeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
218 Killeen, RileyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
219 Valerio, DominicGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
220 Cleminson, RileyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
221 Alves-Jones, OliverSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
222 Haldane, CohenGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
223 Thomas, HamishSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
224 Hawea, Reihana SSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
225 O'Connell, LouieGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
226 Halsall, RileySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
227 Shah, MuhammadGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
228 Freeman, RyanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
229 Lawrence, TaylorSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
230 Carter, MitchellSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
231 Dhaliwal, HarveerGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
232 Dhaliwal, Harkeerat SinghGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
233 Allen, Blake JPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
234 Williams, JacobSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000000
235 Harsumeet, MalhiSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
236 Baldacchino, JasmineSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000000
237 Bajwa, JasrajGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
238 Thomas, Declan YSpringwood Cricket Club0001000000
239 Pryor-Smith, JaxsonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
240 Farrell, ThomasGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
241 Singh, TristianPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
242 Bartak, LachlanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
243 MIALL, MacklinSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
244 Kerkham, Alexander JSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
245 Newman, JackEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
246 Bailey, RhysEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
247 Assadumage, SevinSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
248 Boulter, NathanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
249 Thompson, JacobEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
250 Kettlewell, CallumSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
251 Cusick, KalanSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
252 Martin, Natasha RGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
253 Bradley-Labra, IsabellaSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
254 Buttigieg, JoelGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
255 Leslie, RonanSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
256 O'Loughlin, LiamSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
257 Leahey, JackSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
258 Stevens, HarrisonSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
259 Todd, LachlanSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
260 Wood, TheoGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
261 Patel, DevPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
262 Stubbs, DarcyNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0100000000
263 Woolnough, AlexanderSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
264 Jones, WilliamSpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
265 Hicks, CharlesSpringwood Cricket Club0001000000
266 North, WyattColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
267 swarup, shreeNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0100000000
268 swarup, ishanNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0100000000
269 McDonald, ReubenNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0100000000
270 Geogi, ChrisGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
271 Mirfin, IslaSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
272 Bezuidenhout, JonathanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
273 Kennedy, OwenGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
274 Kennedy, AlexanderGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
275 Howard, BenjaminSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
276 Rawding, BaileySpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
277 Hare, AngusGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
278 Sanderson, EthanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
279 Stalling, LiamGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
280 Karolis, HartleyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
281 Bradley-Labra, ElijahSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
282 Fryer, QuinnGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
283 HOVELMANN, GabriellaSpringwood Cricket Club0001000000
284 Ebbeling, ThomasSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
285 Warburton, AngusGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010000000
286 Whale, IsaiahEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
287 Mclean, NoahEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
288 Wright, JoshuaEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
289 Burman, JaydenGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
290 Ash, Daniel JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
291 Handley, BrockGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
292 Kelly, JoshuaGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
293 Smith, TeyenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
294 Brodie, JacobGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
295 Robertson, Finn AGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
296 Johnson, Aidan WGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
297 Kandhola, BavnitGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
298 Maan, MeharGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
299 Wild, LachlanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
300 Edwards, EzaiahNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0100000000
301 Dickens, OliverSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
302 Patel, DharmSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000010000
303 Cross, SeanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
304 Gurusinghe, DilanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
305 Hayward, ChaseSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
306 Geering, JasperSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
307 Rogers, NoahGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
308 Moss, HarrisonGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001000
309 Lowe, JacksonSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
310 Sawyer, LucasSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
311 Weston, DarcySpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
312 Canvin, JoshGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
313 McLaren, LachlanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
314 Canvin, NatalieGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000001
315 Purighalla, ShreyanshColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
316 Williams, OliverEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
317 Keough, BlaikePenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
318 Attard, JamesCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
319 Anderson, RileyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
320 Baldacchino, TreyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
321 Cager, SarahSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000000
322 Mirfin, FreyaSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
323 Small, HarryPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
324 Crncec, LukaSpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
325 Connor, MatthewGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010000000
326 Bhadauriya, ArnavCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
327 Nelson, BlakeGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
328 Crouch, AmeliaSpringwood Cricket Club0001000000
329 Klein, MaxSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
330 Klein, JamesSpringwood Cricket Club0001000000
331 Spinks, RileySpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
332 Moore, RileyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
333 Christanga, LoganCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
334 Dias Bandaranayake, KevinGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
335 Rawding, BethSpringwood Cricket Club0000100000
336 Rawding, HaydenSpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
337 Sproule, ArcherGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
338 Gilchrist, HarrySpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
339 Woodsell, EuanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
340 Leslie, EwanSpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
341 Bell, FredrickColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
342 brislane, nicholasPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0100000000
343 peken, tylerPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
344 willis, marcusPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0100000000
345 ravi, aathavanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
346 Young, HenriEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
347 fowler, dantePenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
348 brett, samuelPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
349 Watson, CooperPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0100000000
350 Christy, VedhGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
351 Xerri, XavierGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000000
352 Dhillon, BJCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
353 Savage, HalleEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000001
354 Gill, UdeyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000100000
355 Adams, PatrickGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
356 Hutchinson, BlakeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
357 Cook, AidenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
358 Cridland, DanielSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
359 Hughes, RubenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
360 Stuart, LukeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000001
361 Shearan, CameronColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
362 Ramsay, HarryGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
363 O'Rourke, TiernanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010000000
364 Parkinson, LukeColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
365 Myers, ElyssaPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
366 Shah, SiddharthColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
367 Mcgiure, JyePenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
368 Peters, HarryEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
369 Willetts, MatthewEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
370 Darby, AprilSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
371 Ismail, NourEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
372 Laurence-Rogers, IanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
373 Golby, BrendanSpringwood Cricket Club0000000001
374 O'Neill, ConnorPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000000100
375 Pancholi, KrishPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000001000
376 Masters, JoeyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0100000000
377 Turner, HadrianEmu Plains Cricket Club0000100000
378 Schoeler, JimSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
379 Ryan, AustinGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000001
380 Wraight, CruzSpringwood Cricket Club0001000000
381 Buttigieg, BaileyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0001000000
382 Purtell, JakeCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
383 Watson, WilliamPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0100000000
384 taylor, ashtonSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
385 Anderson, LukeColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000001000
386 Jayden, Fisher-FosterSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
387 Crawford, JackSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
388 Panchal, HitarthSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001000000
389 Williamson, LachlanSpringwood Cricket Club0010000000
390 Board, JacksonCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
391 Caldwell, BrooklynGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
392 Adamson-Mclean, JaydanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000010000
393 Moore, CooperGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010000
394 Learmont, AlexanderSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000100
395 Bear, MaisonPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
396 Donohue, RyanCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
397 Demirjian, AnthonyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
398 Munro, JordanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
399 Duffy, Liam FCranebrook Cricket Club0000000001
400 Todd, ZacharyPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
401 Brady, Jackson BPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club0000100000
402 Demirjian, TelissaColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000000
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