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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubUnder 11Under 10Under 13Under 14Under 15/16 Division 2Under 15/16 Division 1Thunder Girls Cricket League - Under 13 - SpringUnder 12Master Blaster - U9 and BelowUnder 11Under 10Under 13Under 14Under 15/16 Division 2Under 15/16 Division 1Thunder Girls Cricket League - Under 13 - SpringUnder 12Master Blaster - U9 and Below
Abboud, IsaacSpringwood Cricket Club080000000080000000
Abhilash, AdithyaPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club600000000600000000
Adams, PatrickGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000050000000050000
Aggarwal, AaravGlenmore Park Cricket Club01100000000110000000
Aggarwal, IshanGlenmore Park Cricket Club090000000090000000
Aldous, Sebastion PGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00001000000000100000
Aldous, Zephaniah OGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000040000000040000
Alexander, ZachGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000700000000700000
Allaburton, BaileyPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club00100000000010000000
Allen, BlakeColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club00000100000000010000
Almond, MatildaGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000080000000080
********Glenmore Park Cricket Club000000080000000080
Ambrosoli, JackGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00000001000000000100
Ambrosoli, SamuelGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00000001000000000100
Amey, OliviaGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000060000000060
Anderson, BlakeEmu Plains Cricket Club000000080000000080
Archer, JeremyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000800000000800000
Armstrong, HendrikPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club000000070000000070
Ash, Daniel JGlenmore Park Cricket Club00000100000000010000
Astill, LeoGlenmore Park Cricket Club000005000000005000
Atkin, MitchellSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club01000000000100000000
Baburi, TasalPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club000000080000000080
Bahlmann, CooperEmu Plains Cricket Club00100000000010000000
Bahlmann, RileyEmu Plains Cricket Club00001000000000100000
Bailey, IsaacSpringwood Cricket Club00001150000000115000
Bailey, RhysEmu Plains Cricket Club000080000000080000
Baines, CalebGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00100000000010000000
Baird, ElijahGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club01000000000100000000
Balson, AydenSpringwood Cricket Club100700000100700000
Banga, AnshPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club000000080000000080
Banga, VanshPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club000000070000000070
Baran, LiamEmu Plains Cricket Club00100000000010000000
Barlow, AaronGlenmore Park Cricket Club000004000000004000
Barnes, JonathanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000080000000080000
Barrett, BaileyEmu Plains Cricket Club900000000900000000
Batty, AnnabelGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00100000000010000000
BAYLEY, Mathew DGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000009000000009000
Becker, ArchieEmu Plains Cricket Club700000000700000000
Becker, OscarEmu Plains Cricket Club000900000000900000
Beitsch, JoshuaHazelbrook Cricket Club00100000000010000000
Beknalikar, SrivarunGlenmore Park Cricket Club000091000000091000
Bell, FredrickSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000700020000700020
Bell, WilliamColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000900000000900000
Bellman, EvanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club800000000800000000
Bhadauriya, ArnavCranebrook Cricket Club00016000000001600000
Bhambra, Ekam SJordan Springs Cricket Club10000000001000000000
Bhasin, Aekamjot SPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club710000000710000000
Bhasin, GuneetPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club600000000600000000
Bhaskar Rao, DhanushGlenmore Park Cricket Club900000000900000000
Biurra, JordanPenrith RSL Junior Cricket Club700000000700000000